2019 CONTRARY sifi movie.jpg

Actor: Lead Police Officer | Sheridan College Production


A young girl, a drowning, and her android caretaker accused of emotion. Do you feel anything?

Director: Dylan Broda -  Writer: Dylan Broda - Stars: Katerina Taxia, Dominique Bela, Chris Renaud.

chris renaud master photo.jpg

Part: Principal Michael

2019 THe Cord I Bear, Toronto Film Production 


2019 The Goalie.jpg

Actor: Johnny Bower

2018 GOALIE FILM - Drama | filmed in Greater Sudbury Area, Ontario, Canada

Release in USA 2018 - Chris Renaud as Johnny Bower.

“Goalie” is directed by Adriana Maggs from a screenplay by Maggs and her sister Jane Maggs. The film is based in part on the book of poetry “Night Work by Randall Maggs and “Sawchuk: The Troubles and Triumphs of the World’s Greatest Goalie” by David Dupuis. 

Christmas In Love 2019.jpg

Part: Christmas Caroller

2018 Christmas In Love (Hallmark) TV Movie

Director:Don McBrearty - Writers:Stephen A. Stewart (teleplay by), Bob Sáenz (teleplay by) (as Bob Saenz) |

Stars: Brooke D'Orsay, Daniel Lissing, Mary-Margaret Humes |


2018 Through The Black Spruce poster.jpg

Part: BARTENDER (Actor)

2018 THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE (In Post Production)

Filming in 2017 for 2018 THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE (In Post Production) - North Bay, ON, Canada.

DRAMA : Through BlackSpruce (2018) -Directed by: Don McKellar-Writer: Barbara Samuels -Stars: Tanaya Beatty, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal.


2019 Winter Love Story.jpg

Part: Eric (Business Man) A Hallmark Channel Movie


Cassie has just published her first book, a romcom on her divorce experience. To help a new writer along, the publisher pairs her with the established "dragon writer" Elliot on a week long book tour. Will they remain singles?

Director: T. W. Peacocke  |  Writers:  MacKenzie Austin & Carrie Freedle  |  Stars:  Jen Lilley, Kevin McGarry & Mary-Margaret Humes




Actor: Part of PAUL LAKE (Father of Lead Actress Bayley Corman)

2018 Christmas in Angel Falls (Tv Film) North Bay, Ontario, Canada (Hallmark Romance Movie)

Director: Bradley Walsh  by: Hideaway Pictures Productions

Stars: Rachel Boston, Paul Greene, and Beau Bridges

CDR A Veterans Christmas.jpg

Part: Caroler/ Towns person

2018 A Veteran's Christmas

TV-G | 1h 24min | Romance | TV Movie 11 November 2018 

A former Marine, Grace is driving to Cincinnati when her jeep breaks down and Judge Joe Peterson offers his guesthouse until it's repaired. As they spend time together, they fall in love but Grace worries Joe isn't over his ex, Marnie.

Director:Mark Jean - Writer:Mark Jean - Stars:Sean Faris, Eloise Mumford, Mary Long

Winter Love Story 2019 hallmark film.jpg

Part: Christmas Caroller

2018 Winter Love Story

Director: T.W. Peacocke (as TW Peacocke) - Writers:MacKenzie Austin, Carrie Freedle - Stars:Jen Lilley, Kevin McGarry, Mary-Margaret Humes



Part: Continuity Theatre Actor 

2017 Christmas Encore (Film/Feature) for Hallmark Movie

Director: Bradley Walsh  by:  Hp Miracle Productions Inc.


2017 Christmas Inheritance.jpg


2017 CHRISTMAS INHERITANCE - Drama/Romance) North Bay, Ontario, Canada



love on ice 2017.jpg

Part: Camera Crew (Actor)


Hallmark Movie 2017 - Hallmark Love on Ice (2017) - Lifetime Movies TV 2017 - North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Drama, TV Movie January 2017


Valentine Ever After 2016.jpg

Part: Hardsome Cowboy (Actor)

2016 VALENTINE EVER AFTER, North Bay, ON, Canada:  

When socialites Julia and Sydney (early 30's) leave their cushy - if stagnant - lives in Chicago to embark on a road-trip, they end up on the wrong side of the law in a tiny town in Wyoming. Forced to serve 30 days community service, Sydney discovers there's more to life than can be purchased with a gold card and Julia learns that her "perfect" life back home might be a sham and what she thought she wanted isn't what she wants at all.

Director:  Don McBrearty  |  Writers:  Dylan Neal (story), Alana Smithee (story) |  Stars:  Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson, Vanessa Matsui


chris renaud master photo.jpg

Actor: Background - Bar Scene 

2016  St. Nickel - by Carte Blanche Films

2016 The Apostle Peter The Redemption.jp

Part: Roman Soldier - Film (Feature)  

2015 Apostle Peter: The Redemption

Director: Lief Bristow,  by: Sugar Shack Production, North Bay, ON

Joseph & Mary 2016.jpg

Part: Rabbi & Roman Soldier 

2015 Joseph and Mary  (Film/Feature)        

Director: Roger Christian  - by: Sugar Shack Production,  North Bay, ON


chris renaud master photo.jpg

Actor: Featured - Handsome Cowboy

2015  Disorderly Conduct  - by HP Productions Inc.